The European EASA legislation provides for the obligation, regardless of the size and weight of the drone, to have civil liability insurance that covers damage to third parties caused during flight operations. Let’s see take a look at our honesy Coverdrone Insurance review, the cheapest policy for the European market.

As with car or motorcycle insurance, choosing the right one is complex and time-consuming. Here’s how the experience of and come to your aid. We have sifted through various insurance companies to find the best on the Italian and European market: Coverdrone.

Coverdrone Insurance review

Coverdrone Insurance has two simple and clear offerings that make it the cheapest drone insurance on the market. The annual cover drone policy for hobby use starts from €18 while the annual policy for professional use starts from €120.

The quick and easy Coverdrone insurance configurator allows you to generate a Coverdrone Insurance quote in less than a minute, choose the maximum liability (up to 2.6 million euros) as well as add any insurance for breakage or damage to the radio transmitter or drone.

Coverdrone Insurance offers coverage from 1 day up to 1 year, in order to meet the most diverse needs. The most advantageous economic offer is obtained with the insurance coverage valid for one year.

Coverdrone Insurance review

When creating a Coverdrone Insurance quote, you can choose the duration between 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Once the quote is complete, you can proceed with the purchase directly online with secure payment. Within a few minutes of payment you will receive by email all the documentation related to the Coverdrone Insurance signed, including the insurance certificate to keep with you together with the A1/A3 license and possibly the A2 license.

In case of issues during the subscription of Coverdrone Insurance or in case of accidents, it is possible to contact Coverdrone by telephone at the number in the confirmation email, via the website or Coverdone app for smartphone.

In terms of convenience, we consider that Coverdrone Insurance has very low deductible, covers the whole world (except for some specific regions) and does not impose restrictions on the number of flights, flight hours or number of drones owned.

How to Open a claim with Coverdrone

In the unfortunate hypothesis of a claim, it is possible to open the claim file – commercial or recreational – directly online through the dedicated Coverdrone portal. From now on, the management of the claim is in the hands of Coverdrone customer service which will update you via email in a very short time.

Coverdrone Review

We tested the Coverdrone annual insurance for recreational use first-hand, we chose a liability limit of 2.6 million euros just to avoid any problems. The quote and purchase process was quick and easy. At the time of purchasing the policy, the account was placed on hold for verification and we were invited to contact customer service.

The Coverdrone Insurance customer service informed us that it was a simple document check and that following the confirmation of the personal data and document details, the purchase process had been completed successfully.

Not even the time to finish the call with Coverdrone Insurance that the policy and all related documentation was already in our mailbox, ready to be read and printed: a fast, clear and efficient service.

Coverdrone fleet coverage

Anyone who owns more than one drone will be happy to know that with Coverdrone Insurance it is not necessary to signup for multiple insurances. In fact, the civil liability policy covers all the drones in your fleet, including physical remote controls. It is not possible to register Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphones used as remote controls.

If we have entered specific coverage in the event of damage to the drone or radio, these will remain extended only to the specific aircraft while the RC coverage will be extended to all drones owned and operated by the Coverdrone insurance policy holder.