Drone Pilot Clothing Accessories

As drones become increasingly popular for both personal and professional use, it's important to consider the role that drone apparel and Drone Pilot Clothing Accessories can play in enhancing your experience. From protecting you from the elements to improving your comfort and safety, these items can make a big difference in how you operate your drone. Drone Pilot Clothing Accessories First and foremost, drone apparel and Drone Pilot Clothing Accessories can help protect you from [...]

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Take awesome photos with drones 3 tips

Just got your new drone (like our awesome DJI Air 2s) and you are now looking to take drone-based aerial photos? Getting your drone is just the first step to take awesome photos with drones. If you want eye catching and breath taking drone photos, here are 5 tips on how to get great shots from your drone. Fly high Always fly within the legal drone limits for your area and level of licence you [...]

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Coverdrone Insurance review – we found the best from €18

The European EASA legislation provides for the obligation, regardless of the size and weight of the drone, to have civil liability insurance that covers damage to third parties caused during flight operations. Let's see take a look at our honesy Coverdrone Insurance review, the cheapest policy for the European market. As with car or motorcycle insurance, choosing the right one is complex and time-consuming. Here's how the experience of PhotoDroneGuy.com and PatentinoPerDrone.it come to your [...]

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